"Yes, you can have it all. This book gives you a path to achieving it all. No excuses are acceptable. Get out and reach for the stars and fly."
Joseph Shamie, CEO and President, Delta Children’s Products
“Ricky Cohen has the ability to speak to the individual in a room of a thousand people, leaving attendees with new knowledge, a high level of motivation, and the tools to actualize what they’ve learned.”
Robert Feinberg, Character Development Office, United States Navy
"Ricky Cohen gave us the insights to redefine failure and use it as a learning opportunity. The workshop opened a door in our minds, so that we began to look at failure as a means to effective risk-taking and innovation.”
Julie Brodsky, Vice President Leadership Development, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
"[A] fantastic blueprint for success in all the dimensions of one’s life."
Abe D.Tawil, Professor at CUNY Baruch College, MBA, MA, MD, JD
“I would recommend Ricky Cohen for any employer who values operational excellence and wishes to enhance its human capital. Mr. Cohen quickly comprehends the facts and circumstances surrounding an issue and thereafter provides thoughtful analysis and practical advice.”
Sheldon M. Geller, President and Managing Member, Stone Hill Fiduciary Management
“When I read the last few pages of the book, it literally changed my mood to the point where I said I’m carrying this book with me every day so that I can look at it at least once a day. I am going to have this book with me every day to motivate me. “
Shelli Sonstein, host of “Jim Kerr in the Morning Show”, Q104.3 FM
"I thought Ricky was so well spoken and did not sugarcoat how hard having a career is going to be. Ricky stated he hopes we all have a public failure and humiliation. I was, as first, taken aback by this comment but I understood why he told us that. Once you stop fearing failure and actually face it, you can do anything. It's made me reconsider a new job offer that I am afraid to take because I do not think I could do it. Ricky was more then a lecturer, he was someone that had everyone thinking about their lives. "
Student, Baruch College
“Ricky was fantastic. I was impressed with the way in which he engaged the students and spoke in a language that they understood. He was erudite and professional making him both respected and admired. It is no doubt difficult to hold students attention for too long in today’s day and age. Ricky was able to maintain a high level conversation and actively ensure that the students felt a part of the presentation.”
Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg, Principal, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School
“…finished the book. LOVED it. Thought the book was well written, creative, funny, compelling and very, very motivating. And, for a change, refreshingly specific in the lessons it is aiming to impart.”
Ricky Shechtel, Executive Director, Sierra Foundation
“The seasoned pro, the emerging entrepreneur and aspiring intra-preneur will all benefit from the inspirational thoughts in Risk to Succeed. These life-changing cues will help us all unlock and realize our full potential. Loaded with soul and goal gaining tips, page for page the best read out there.”
Hymie Shamah, President, C-Life Group, Ltd
"Ricky does it - he absolutely does it! This isn't textbook knowledge. Ricky is not teaching you something he read; he is sharing with you something he lives.”
Alfred Watts, Corporate Counsel, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
“I had the unique privilege of attending the inaugural workshop presented by Ricky Cohen to our students on the theme "Risk to Succeed." While the obvious objective and message of the presentation focused on attaining success in business and career choices, Ricky made the clear subtext of the presentation - attaining success and fulfillment in life. With specific strategies and values - and with anecdotes to back them up, Ricky held the students' rapt attention, and elicited from them meaningful comments and probing questions. The time spent on the workshops was a golden investment - I know the students will grow immensely from these presentations, and I cannot wait until the next one!”
Rabbi Saul Zucker, Principal, Magen David Yeshivah High School
"Ricky's approach takes the fundamental and methodical business strategy and meshes it with a motivating, inspirational 'vibe', that lasts well beyond the day. I have found application of his principles well beyond the confines of the work space, as they are both real and relevant for my personal life as well as professional career"
Charles Dweck, Financial Services Representative, MBL Financial Group
“We are proud to say Ricky Cohen’s Risk to Succeed Workshop was a huge success, leaving the participants feeling ready and motivated to unlock their potential and achieve great things.”
Srulie Rosner, International Director, OU Job Board
“I read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down! There’s not a person out there in any walk of life who won’t benefit from the message of Risk to Succeed. Truly an owner’s manual for life!”
Judi Franco, host of “The Dennis and Judi Show,” NJ 101.5 FM
“I was finally able to spend time in the pages of your new book, Risk to Succeed. The lessons shared through your Jungle parable, with Bella the Elephant and Cee the Butterfly, hit home. Your characters playfully enlightened me with sagely wisdom, giving me much to learn from and much to offer others who I teach and counsel on a daily basis. I genuinely feel that R2S has much to offer the current generation, much in the way that Who Moved My Cheese has for corporate America, and the Tao of Pooh has for many others. Thank you for sharing!”
Dr. David Sitt, Professor of Psychology, Baruch College
“Ricky is the paragon of a true entrepreneur, a remarkable author who uses his success to encourage and inspire others. The book teaches you how to find value within yourself, and not to just implement into any career, but to your true calling.”
Roy Dervich, Student, Baruch College
“I was amazed reading how you turned years of our classes into this wonderful book. How you incorporated learning with a partner, charity work, and even our dreams classes into an approach for life, was fantastic. I loved it!!! It really got me thinking about so many different parts of my life. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of my family. Thank you for sharing, and I really wish you the best of luck with it.
Jeffrey Gindi
"Ricky Cohen provided us with a unique approach to bring out the immense treasure and untapped creativity in all our associates”
Ezra Dabah, Former Chairman and CEO, The Children's Place
“Ricky Cohen adeptly captures the essence of what it takes to be a success in the business world and seamlessly transfers it to the reader.... A must for all prospective entrepreneurs.”
Stanley S. Schrem, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.C., Assistant Clinical Professor,The NYU-Langone Medical Center,and Vice President of The New York Medical Associates P.C.
“[Ricky Cohen] challenges many of our excuses for not achieving our own personal greatness in a playful yet thought provoking way. . . . A fun read to put you on the road to achieving all you can in life.”
Jesse Sutton, CEO, Majesco Entertainment
“Thank you for sharing such an amazing book. Your teachings are always inspirational and once again you did it with Risk To Succeed. It challenged me to start building my dreams! Your words always leave me with a feeling like I can take over the world! A must read for all of us looking to succeed in life. I can’t wait to share it with my friends and associates.”
David Azar, President, Republic Capital Group
“It was a pleasure hearing you speak at the recent OU sponsored event. You are a very engaging and charismatic speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I truly hope to take your words and put them into action.”
Adena Goldis, Freelance marketing & Administrative Professional
“Thank you so much for the amazing workshop you gave us. You have inspired, enlightened and empowered all of us. Your way of speaking engaged each of us in a different way, and we are all changed for it. You have been unbelievably generous with your time, resources and knowledge and I hope you know how much is it appreciated.”
Julie Botton, PTA President, Hillel Yeshiva
"Thanks for a passionate inspiring talk and with appreciation for your devotion to the members and institutions of our community."
Kol Israel Congregation
"Ricky Cohen's visit to Jewish Community Project's Friday Night Lights event was truly a special treat for the Tribeca Jewish community! His talk was inspirational and informative, blending history, scripture, practical examples, and instruction to deliver a powerful takeaway involving the strength, creativity and potential of the independent spirit. We are very grateful and looking forward to welcoming him back again as soon as is is able!"
Max Assoulin, Wildflower Management
“As they say timing is everything! This book gives us great perspective as how to get through life's trials and tribulations. Ricky is a mentor, a guiding light and a source of true belief. The lessons he teaches us are not only in this book but in our daily lives. Thank G-d that we have him and now the whole world can enjoy his teachings through this manual of life's lessons.”
Robin Sutton, Interior Designer
“Using the time tested form of parable, Ricky Cohen is able to convey his message in an insightful, impactful and most importantly fun way. His message is brought to life through creative characters who weave his points across masterfully. This book is for everyone and can be applied by everyone at any point in their life.”
Moshe Faham, President, Urban Equities NY
"Working with Ricky helped me find my true skills. He saw business potential where most people would not. Through his mentoring workshops I was able to put my ideas into action to start a business, grow it, and become profitable. With Ricky's patience, creativity and proper guidance I was able to start a new business that I am passionate about. "
Lauren Mishaan, President, Stuff Home Furnishings
“I am so glad that I was privileged today to hear you speak. You are truly a phenomenal speaker. You spoke many words of wisdom that resonated with me and my values. I admire your great aplomb and your understanding of the quote "knowledge is power." Thank you very much for your commitment in sharing your own personal story and thoughts on leadership“
Medina Aminow, Student, Russian America Jewish Experience
“Bravo!! Ricky’s book doles out age old wisdom in an enjoyable light way. I was so mesmerized I read it from cover to cover in one sitting! When I was done it was clear to me I had work to do. All can gain from reading this book and implementing its principals. A masterpiece which I will be re-reading for many years to come.”
Joe Sabbagh, Co-Founder, Ultimate Realty
"Clever yet soft, youthful yet sophisticated, Risk to Succeed penetrates the mind and liberates the soul. The truth embedded in this masterpiece has been tried and tested since the beginning of creation. Anyone brave enough to live the lessons presented is guaranteed to succeed! A must read and re-read!”
Sylvia Faham
“I found it an honor to partake in last night’s class! Mr. Cohen, without trying, was able to speak to the core of my thought processes and really made me re-evaluate my career. I will treasure his pearls of wisdom, and will try to implement them into the lives of both my family and me”
Melinda Alston-Pettway, Manager,1199 National Benefit Fund
“As an entrepreneur, I was doubtful that I could learn much from this book. After reading it I am amazed at what I learned and the inspiration that it gave me to strive for more and the means to achieve it!”
Lee Cohen, CPA, Cohen & Co.
“Book is inspirational. Helps you find who you are, and be better at that. A gentle approach with an Elephant and a Butterfly, so easy to understand. You'll want to read and reread the book so you can learn more insights each time around. I've read many self-help types of books, and this is definitely at the top. With its easy to read prose, colorful imagery, simple yet powerful story, you keep getting more and more fired up with each time you read it.”
Andy Mizrahi, President, Andy Mizrahi Productions
“These growth concepts are everlasting and their delivery is a treasure for all to benefit from. A powerful universal message is now available for the masses to internalize and make their own.”
Abie Shamah, Investor
“Ricky Cohen’s presentation was, without a doubt, most invigorating. He has the ability to communicate in a manner which invites one to participate and feel energized. His lecture confirmed my belief that, as a 50 year old man, it is not late or crazy for me to be attending college with a bunch of 20 year old students.”
Felix Rosario, Student, Baruch College
“An amazing book! Such valuable insights and priceless wisdom!
You were able to incorporate so many important ideas and messages effortlessly in one fluid story. The book inspired me to dream yet also gave me concrete facts and real tools to implement a plan of action! What a gift!
Serene Azar
"Inspiring read with extremely important insights in several fields of teaching, research, entrepreneurship and LIFE, broadly speaking.
My sixteen years old son, which is in a crossroad regarding is future, is reading it enthusiastically."
Alexandre Ventura, Professor, Departamento de Educação
"It was very special having Ricky join our congregation for Shabat. He is a truly dynamic speaker who has the incredible ability to simultaneously motivate his listeners and touch their hearts, while teaching important tenets of our faith. In an age where "personal growth" gurus always seem to be about "self" improvement, his message of how personal growth can better the world we live in, the communities we are part of and our families' well-being is a wonderful and important message, especially for our young congregation. I hope he joins us again!"
Steven J. Ancona, President, Flatiron Real Estate Advisors
“I just wanted to thank you for your insightful lectures this past semester. To say you were an inspiration would be a complete understatement. You taught in a way that made me want to learn, continue learning, and essentially grow to become a better person. Thank you once again very much for your ingenuity. I will carry these lessons with me for the rest of my life.”
Rina Yashayeva, Student, Russian America Jewish Experience
“I am lucky to know Ricky for many years and to have benefitted from his words of wisdom. This book will give a much wider audience the opportunity to learn from Ricky’s experiences. Excellent work!”
Eli Dweck, Attorney, Wachtel Masry & Missry LLP
"STOP! If you're in a state of choosing a career, building a livelihood or even moving to the next stage in your life- STOP and read "Risk to Succeed" and I assure you that it'll change your path as well as your life."
Gail Mizrahi, Director of Student Activities, Hillel High School
"We all strive to achieve greatness in our lives. However, we are not always confident through what channels fulfillment will come about. Ricky guides us through a great journey in Risk to Succeed which inspires us to keep fighting for what we're uniquely destined to achieve. Enjoy your journey!"
Michael Hidary, Co-Founder/ Managing Director, Samba Energy
“For anyone who has ever felt potential that they haven't achieved or were too afraid to reach- this book is for you. Ricky not only makes us feel empowered but almost obligates the reader to recognize their inner greatness and act on it. I've never read a book that was such an easy read with such a powerful message. It not only inspired me to be a better business person, it inspired me to be a better human being.”
Leslie Salem
"Your class on shed, shed, save changed my way of thinking. I think your words and your help can get me to where I can be in the future and furthermore allow me to be me!"
Gary Ginzburg, Student, Russian America Jewish Experience
“Every week that I came to RAJE your class was the one I was most looking forward to. Your class was interesting and it motivated me, to actually follow my dream. Everything we learned had a great impact on me; your speeches were brilliant and inspiring. After leaving your class I felt as if every dream is achievable. "
Rafael Rabaev, Student, Russian America Jewish Experience
"I really appreciated the advice that Ricky Cohen offered. I found his words to be inspirational and motivating. I left class blown away. He made me want to revaluate my life and focus on my future plans. Although I am unsure of what I want to do for the rest of my life, he helped clarify possible options that I may want to concentrate on."
Student, Baruch College
“I loved your workshop today. It was fantastic. You're very inspiring.”
Joyce Avimeleh, L.A.C., CPT, CCE
"This was the first shabbaton weekend we were hosting with the Sephardic Community Center of Brooklyn and I was so happy we had Ricky join us. When he spoke after dinner he captured the room instantly. He said a very effective line "Take a Risk and ask someone their name at the dessert table" immediately following his speech those words were in the head of all singles in the room! I'm confident this weekend we made some new introductions."
Erica Rolo, Program Director, Magen David Manhattan