meet ricky cohen

Ricky Cohen is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and educator. After graduating Cum Laude from New York University, Cohen quickly assumed the leadership role in what was then a small family business. By successfully combining the tools learned in the classroom, wisdom dating back thousands of years, and a strong penchant for risk taking, Cohen grew Conway Stores fortyfold in sales and profits in less than a decade.

In 2005 Cohen expanded his focus to real estate development. By 2008 the real estate portfolio was 9 figures and included excellent urban, mixed use properties. 

Cohen’s business and educational efforts run in parallel. Over the last three decades, Cohen has educated thousands of men and women - empowering the will, inspiring the mind, and providing the skills needed for individual and career success. The "Risk to Succeed" workshop has been implemented by entities ranging from community organizations to industry leaders, like Chase Bank and the United States Navy. 
Cohen is currently Chairman and CEO of The Conway Organization and serves in a leadership role on several community and educational, not for profit organizations.