From Me To My Children

From Me To My Children

From Me to My Children presents the paradoxes of parenthood, the wonders of childhood, the uniqueness of each of us, and the rewards of giving to another...these are some of the topics that Ricky Cohen addresses with honesty and charm in this debut anthology of Bubbles of Thought. These eighteen "bubbles" are presented with Ricky’s characteristic sense of fun. The illustrations, like the Bubbles of Thought themselves, are sophisticated and playful. Through this outstanding combination of words and images, Cohen conveys the utter joy that learning can bring into every day of our lives while providing essential insights for parenting and other important relationships. He cleverly includes a bubble blower, a blindfold, a notepad and a spreadsheet, to inspire the reader to the excitement of his ideas.

"Parents! Check out @rickycohenlive. His book "From Me to My Children" is very inspiring & a fun read!

Rev Run, Musical Artist/ MTV Reality Star

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